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Multicultural Support

Respecting Beliefs & Traditions From All Cultures and Backgrounds

abbaCare has designed its services model to develop Care plans that are compatible with our participants community affiliations. We remain open to exploring issues from the point of view of our participants culture. We acknowledge that there are many similarities as well as differences across cultures. At abbaCare we believe in building on these similarities to help each other.

Our services are for people requiring care support with the focus on being able and willing to communicate in their language, to eat their cultural foods, to respect their traditions & beliefs and to be aware of & sensitive to their life’s journey.

Our service offering is about being culturally sensitive with the ability to communicate. We pride ourselves on being a culturally diverse workforce. 

We work with individuals, families, communities and other service providers to promote access to culturally targeted services. 

We are proud to employ a culturally diverse staff profile and participants in the Townsville region and beyond.

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abbaCare is an organisation that has family values as a service delivery model. At abbaCare we work in partnership with participants, carers and families at large. Our mission is to promote Independence, Hope & Laughter.

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